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Sci fi speed dating tlc

I have to describe the logistics of the event at some point -- should I open the article with those?

Should I begin by setting the scene with a dramatic description of one of my more memorable encounters from the event?Aliens, life on other planets, alternative realities, and time travel? "I run a middle school library but I'M NOT A LIBRARIAN!Sure, I'd love to work with a teacher librarian, media specialist or whatever a credentialed person is called in your neck of the woods.I've wanted to be a librarian since I was 5, but that job option wasn't encouraged by the feisty and feminist nuns who taught me in high school.So I majored in International Environmental Studies, got another degree in Public Health, and spent 9 years working in three wildly different bookstores to pay my way. I also love that technology has made my job even more incredible.

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Students will have to rotate through at least 4 tables.

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