Rails counter cache not updating Freehidi sex vodeo

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Rails counter cache not updating

Bob is going to add Let's go do that a couple times for that thread, so I've created a bunch of those, and we'll use that to go back in later, and make sure we can then add a counter cache for Bob, all the users that we can keep track of how many posts they've made.

What we need here, is to find each of the users, and we can take them, and then reset the counters on it.What's up guys, this is a little bonus episode where we're going to talk about Rails Counter Caches, how you can add them in at the very beginning of your Rails app, and also how you can add them in later on for performance improvements.So what we're going to do is basically create a little example of a forum so users will have threads.So this is the situation where you might have an existing database already, and you want to add counter cache to it, so that you can have performance improvements, for keeping track of that, and displaying that number for each user.But one of the problems is that when you create the count column on the user, it's going to default to zero, but as we know, Bob already has a bunch of records, so if he deleted one of his forum posts, that would actually go to negative one, because it would be zero by default.

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