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Posted by / 08-Dec-2020 09:51

If you believe you can alter your race-based-preference, why not your sex-based-preference? I don't understand how anyone can think you have any control over who you are attracted to.

CMV if ye can =)Ed: Thanks 'hankteford' for the video link and comment.

I'd say that if your preference is a preference (e.g.

I find more attractive), but that you would be open to dating the right person regardless of that, it's probably not racist.

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That said, I think that in practice, most racial dating preferences are actually founded in racial stereotypes and racial prejudices."I think it's a square/rectangle thing" - I see what you're driving at and think I agree.

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Marron says sexual discrimination is linked to racial stereotypes rather than inherent preferences.

So, I'm a white guy who has had serious relationships with three women in my life: a white woman; then a half-white half-Japanese woman; then a half-white half-Iranian woman.

If your "preference" is "I could never be attracted to a white person, regardless of their other qualities," or "I don't like white people because they all have ", it might very well be racist, rather than a preference.

I think it's a square/rectangle thing - all racists are going to state their bias as a "preference", but not everyone who has racial dating preferences has racist motivations behind those preferences.

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