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Rachel dating puck

He walked downstairs and told his mom that he was getting something on the way."Remember that Chaya needs a ride home after school tomorrow, I have a late shift." He mom yelled from the kitchen and he yelled back alright before leaving the house.He walks out of the house and gets into his truck turning it on, he closed his door and put his seat belt on before pulling out of the driveway before heading to the Lima Bean Cafe to get some breakfast before school starts. Puck pulled up to the place when he noticed that he parked next to a super hot black Lexus CT and he smirked at the car not believing somebody from Lima Ohio had a hot car like this one.He stared at the number and smirks knowing this year was going to be a good year.

She was very slim yet petite and he saw the curves of her hips and they were very inviting.

the top she was wearing was lose v neck white and purple that showed off her nice her full and perky breast that fit her body well. Puck licked his lips at the sight of this girl's lips which were full and he wouldn't mind finding out how soft they felt against his. Her brunette hair was straighted and neat as it cascaded past her shoulders. Her makeup looked good to him and he noticed that her nose was slightly big but he didn't mind.

Her skintone was tan and that made him see that she had this unique beauty to her. He wanted to get to know this girl before some other guy took her off the market.

Puck couldn't believe a smokin hot girl like Rachel didn't give him her number right he checks to see what car she drives and he's shocked that she has the black Lexus CT next to him.

He needed to get with this girl fast before she leaves.

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