Quicken not updating transactions

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Quicken not updating transactions

Check out the key features (reminds me a lot of Quicken): You might have heard of these guys since they're now owned by the same company that once made Quicken. The goal of Mint was always to be a budgeting app and with that in mind, they do a very good job.

Intuit acquired them in 2010 and that's the reason why they shuttered Quicken Online shortly thereafter. If you are sick of Quicken and focus entirely on expense tracking, Mint is a good Quicken alternative.

In 2016, Intuit sold Quicken to private equity firm H. If you're more interested how your investment account is performing and less interested in just knowing how much you're spending on groceries, Personal Capital is a great Quicken alternative (but it'll also pull your credit card transactions so you will know how much you spent on groceries if you want! Personal Capital is a full-featured, , personal finance management tool that focuses on helping you with investing.

(see our review of Tiller)Why it is better than Quicken: Quicken is now cloud-based so if you want to avoid putting your data into the cloud, going with a spreadsheet is your best option.Status Money is a free cloud-based budgeting tool that lets you compare your finances with people around the United States.It offers all of the tracking functionality of these other tools, will always be free, but adds the comparison component so you can see how you are performing against your peers and against the National Average.If you want to change the way you budget, while still tracking it, YNAB is your solution.YNAB is not an entire personal finance management suite – it focuses on budgeting and only budgeting.

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Tiller makes it possible for you to get automation AND keep your data locally.

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