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The Americans I have heard do better than Koreans and Japanese there. In most societies the upper elite sticks with their own. I think the posters have seen the same effect in Thailand.I would use the info to play it the way your cards are dealt.

I think the posters have seen the same effect in Thailand.

Go Havana for salsa, place is notorious for gringo hunters.

mech there are a lot of business hustles here you might find interesting.

If you are white, then you will have this sub-set of girls that are interested in white so you game them accordingly. Will her friends give her flak for entertaining you -- oh yes!!

Don't get them to play the player, as it seems to me that foreigners are the ones that are getting played in this country. When you leave the country and all she has left is her social circle she loses.

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As much as possible, they will end up trying to avoid the white guy especially when they are at their prettiest.

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