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Are you currently in a position where you have debt stacked across one or more credit card? Not only this, but attempting to manage repayments on multiple credit cards can be a daunting task, especially if repayment dates are scattered throughout the month.If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider Payoff.The California-based company specializes in paying off credit card debt on behalf of their customers, which then transitions into a loan agreement between the debtor and Payoff.The financial services company claims to have more than 11,000 customers, representing a total of 5million in settled credit card debt.Step 1: Check your rates Before you proceed with your Payoff loan application, you will need to ascertain what sort of rates you are likely to be offered.Fortunately for you, the platform allows you to check your rates in the form of a soft credit check.In terms of the length of the loan agreement, this will vary between two and five years.

When it comes to the costs of obtaining a Payoff loan, this can vary quite considerably depending on your currently credit worthiness.

According to recent figures issued by, the average credit card APR rate in the U. On top of the APR, you also need to make some considerations regarding the origination fee.

This is the fee that lenders charge for arranging and preparing a loan agreement.

The elimination of these common fees are great, not least because these are avenues that traditional lenders often utilize to hit borrowers with additional charges.

Payoff loans are available from a minimum of ,000, all the way through to ,000.

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With close to 60% of Americans maintaining a credit card balance that exceeds affordability levels, this not only results in high interest payments, but an unfavorable credit score, too.

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