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While they enjoyed the date and would like to meet again, they are told: “you are really a nice person but “not for me.” Saying to a person, that in an hour I can tell that you are not worth knowing any further, causes great pain.

I know countless couples who were “convinced” to give it another chance, and “lived happily ever after.” First dates are artificial often accompanied by stress and difficulty trying to make conversation with a perfect stranger. To avoid generating hurt feelings: Having this noble goal in mind, to develop heightened sensitivity to others’ feelings throughout the dating process, will most definitely increase and enhance one’s interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

The latter affects body and soul while the former affects merely money.

Money can be repaid, but the possible damage ensuing from the compromising of another individual’s self-esteem may be irreparable.

Orthodox Judaism therefore advocates a strict observance of Jewish Law, or halakha, which is to be interpreted and determined only according to traditional methods and in adherence to the continuum of received precedent through the ages.

The interviews were analyzed separately as case studies and also compared and contrasted based on four major, common topic domains.Singles felt they were viewed as inferior by the larger community and were often troubled by loneliness and isolation.Shadchanim were valued by some, but generally criticized for insensitivity.Visitors in the Orthodox Jewish cemetery in Budapest, circa 1920 (the word "Orthodox" is painted on the wall, second to the left).Traditionalist Jews in Hungary were the first anywhere to form an independent Orthodox organization in 1871.

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