Orgasm denial dating vanilla

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Orgasm denial dating vanilla

You are probably here because you clicked on a Comment I left on another blog.

Or perhaps a web search, most likely involving the terms "chastity", "orgasm denial", "male chastity" or "chastity device", pointed you here. I don't use this blog, at least, not with any regularity. This is pretty much just a mirror for the anecdotes and fiction that I've posted on my main blog.

BDSM releases endorphins, which can lead to both dominants and submissives experiencing a “drop.” Aftercare can help prevent that.

It's not the same as "edging" though it is similar.

The two practices both delay orgasm, but have different end goals.

Then chastity devices (using penis cages, "Gates of Hell" penis rings, chastity belts, etc.) and keyholding (when one partner holds the key to the other's chastity device). Says Queen, "[Orgasm denial] can really deepen the erotic control bond between [dominant and submissive] partners," and notes that some people find that their orgasms after practicing orgasm denial are especially intense. You might find it helpful to experiment with more role play activities with dominance and submission before you try this in bed with a partner.

If you're masturbating, Queen suggests holding off on orgasming for longer and longer periods.

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You can, and should, tailor your orgasm denial experience to your specific preferences.