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Syrian forces are targeting individual civilians in Idlib province with drones and fighter jets.

Astonishing gals spread legs to get penetrated wild by their unstoppable fuckers.Taking food out of supermarket dumpsters is illegal in Germany. Even as some stores try to keep the dumpster divers away, those interested can sign up for courses in "beginner diving." Boris Johnson is putting all his eggs in one basket in the final run-up to Brexit.But by sending parliament on forced leave, he is damaging democracy and also one of the last intact pillars of the United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II.Even Turkey, once the rebels' protector, is powerless to help.The crash of two Boeing 737 Max jets in the course of just months has created an existential crisis for the company.


In an interview, he explains why not him or outgoing ECB head Mario Draghi are to blame for negative interest rates in the eurozone.

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