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When you experience an emotion that you would like to control better in the future, you can write that experience down in the journal, along with all of the circumstances surrounding the event, and how you might go about maintaining better control in the future.

You can do it by practicing your emotional regulation skills on a regular basis so that you can improve those skills over time.

By Rachel Lustbader Updated December 20, 2018 Reviewer Christine Baker Have you ever been through an event that made you feel like your emotions were out of control?

How about an experience that made you feel like your emotions were controlling you?

You increase your ability to maintain control of your emotions in the future by working on developing your emotional regulation skills today. Emotional self-regulation is the process of using emotional regulation skills to control your own emotions.

It requires you to be aware of your emotions and to take action then to control them.

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Alternatively, you can actively control the sense of panic by taking deep breaths to reduce it and focusing on what you need to do to address the situation, like administering first aid and calling 911.

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