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Of changesets and updating work

Commit both the liquibase xml file and code changes simultaneously to the git hub repository.Once you commit something to a branch, you should assume that another developer has checked out your code and applied the database changes!I've just install Subversive SVN on my Eclipse 3.7.2.SVN connector is set on "SVNKit 1.7.4-v1 r9190_v20120510_1337 SVN 1.7.4 compatible, all platforms".If you are as luck as I am, you would get the list of files and for each of the file, you get a list of changeset number.With this class library, you can easily put a UI to make it useful for you.Yes, I mentioned "22d ago" and the other ticket is titled "before 7 days," but that doesn't imply it's the same problem.- merge selected changesets (you can select some changesets in grid) from source to target branch as one changeset (if you merge 5 changesets from target branch, 1 changeset will be in source branch).

For an intro on Linq Pad and the TFS API please read this post For the list of all the posts in this series please read this one If you ever need to produce a changelog for a release you could do it by hand, looking at all the work items associated with the changesets or you could use the TFS API to generate it automatically.

After a while it appears Updating Change Sets for SVN Workspace An internal error occurred during "Updating Change Sets for SVN Workspace".

Dummy-form/template.hbs}} form input value=changeset.first Name input value=Name button action submit changeset Submit/button button action rollback changeset Cancel/button /form.

After select source branch target branch drop-down list is filled with possible values and target branch value is setted with default value (last value from possible values).

All merged changesets will be binded with this work item.

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My next target is to make it a Visual Studio add-in…

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