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It was completed in 1902 and contained a gym, meeting rooms, and a bowling alley.Roslyn's public library, which was founded in 1898, moved into the Roslyn Athletic Club building in 1918.The town of Roslyn was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.Recently, Roslyn became a Certified Local Government.Most of the citizens of the town worked either for the Northern Pacific Coal Company or in one of the smaller businesses monopolized by the company, or were family members of someone who did.A hub of life in the town was the company store, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places; it still stands at the corner of First Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.Many Roslyn residents today are descendants of these immigrant miners.Roslyn's peak coal mine production of nearly 2 million tons was reached in 1910.

These immigrants maintained the traditions of their homelands, as seen in the historic Roslyn Cemetery, with its 26 sections for distinct ethnic and lodge cemetery areas.Some individuals own second homes in Roslyn, while working and living full-time in Seattle or Tacoma, for instance.As Roslyn was a "company town", life in the early years was centered around the production of coal.It continues to serve the community from this location.Most of the town's 500 homes were built in the 1920s on land owned by the railroad.

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With the loss of jobs, an exodus of residents ensued.

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