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(This was data from like twenty years ago so the heterosexual and gay sex numbers may be higher now.) Regardless, the key point here is that gay men have ten times as many partners as straight men. Because gay men have two male sex drives and men will enter into all sorts of risky sexual behaviors. In fact, women with risky sex drives are much sought after because men consider their behavior to be super hot.

Think about it this way, if a hot woman gestures to you in the Wal Mart parking lot and when you get close to her she’s naked and masturbating, most men would consider it the most awesome part of their day. So your friend has one of these women and she’s made a request he’s not threatened by — she wants to have sex with you.

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I’ve made the decision to stay one until I’m married because I am a Christian, so yeah. Okay, now that you’re done with that, you should also know that I have had opportunities to lose my virginity before, and have chosen not to.

The latest chance to lose my v-card came in what I think to be, the weirdest way yet.

In other words, women, by and large, act as the restraint on male sexual desires more often than not.

Think about it this way, gay men report an average of 50 sex partners in their lifetimes compared to an average of five sex partners in the average heterosexual man’s life. There are relatively few times when a woman suggests a risky sex move and a man rejects it.

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