No more dating djs lyrics dating site on polish 2016

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No more dating djs lyrics

White men have preoccupied me my whole life, from the schoolyard to the subway, but these days I’m seeing them differently.They’re no longer the object of my affection, a mirror for my self-worth, or an affirmation of my beauty. The night Trump was elected, I wrote about feeling lonely.No you're quit right So tonight, I be statin facts, most DJ's are whack They be holdin back, they NBA - Never Broke a Act Yo I'm hopin that, new DJ's open rap, bring the focus back And take the crates from these fakes to the lake and throw 'em OVER that We lead 'em to freedom or poetically beat 'em up In conventions like meet 'em, see them, we plan to eat 'em up I'm bein MC'in seein and agreein that this here cut DEFINITELY will hit them up, so we sing [Chorus] [KRS-One] I SCREAM on these rappers like directors do actors Hang with computer hackers on farms and ride tractors Thug spelled backwards is GUT, drop the H If you ain't got guts and you callin yourself a thug, you a fake! Gimme a pound You diggin the sound I'm bringin around, shakin the ground, never a clown You know that you buggin, but you also know that you love it Somethin new and bumpin others be frontin They can't even think about, new flows and techniques They speak when the check speaks but KRS-One is direct heat [Chorus] with ad libs [Chorus] YES!!!

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When we do, I look his way every so often to see if he’s staring back, to see if we’ve got what my best friend and I call “the affinity,” a mutual acknowledgement that we one another. But while they chased after blondes and brunettes, I was ignored.

It’s a pretty good way to pass the time from Brooklyn to midtown. I spent my childhood surrounded by black and brown kids, but when I got to high school, suddenly everyone around me was white.

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