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Nigerian sex mobile chat

Accidents are frequent and often involve fatalities, especially on the major highways.

Many traffic accidents go unreported, and no reliable statistics exist on traffic fatalities due to the lack of centralized reporting.

The lack of medical response and adequate trauma facilities is a major concern.

Kidnappers have ambushed vehicles stopped at checkpoints or other obstructions in the roadway.

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Few major routes connect cities, so construction, accidents, and rush-hour traffic cause traffic jams (“go-slows”) cause major delays.

When traffic accidents occur, drivers do not pull over to the side road; instead, they attempt to solve the issue at the location of the accident, blocking traffic.

This practice often draws crowds of onlookers looking for money in exchange for offering their opinions of who was at fault.

Vehicle disablement, especially flat tires, due to poor road conditions is common.

Pedestrian traffic is present on the roadside at all hours.

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