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I think Ben Younger, who wrote and directed the film, has all his bases covered.Which isn’t to say that the whole scenario is plausible, merely that it’s possible.She meets David (Bryan Greenberg) through a mutual friend and begins dating him, recognizing that he’s younger but not knowing how much younger until she finally asks: He’s 23. They both think the age difference is substantial, but they both know they like each other, too.Meryl Streep plays Rafi’s psychiatrist, Lisa, a very Jewish woman who, like all New York psychiatrists (at least the ones in movies), wears big goofy necklaces, out-of-date eyeglasses and a frumpy hairstyle.Lisa is pleased to hear Rafi talk about her sexual exploits with David; you can imagine how that changes once she figures out who David is.

There's a lot of negative reviews here, much more than the movie deserves.

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There is the suggestion that maybe love doesn’t always conquer all — but then again, maybe it does. Maybe this movie has too many scenes where Rafi and David break up, reunite, and break up again. It’s enough of a romantic-comedy to satisfy fans of that genre, but different enough from the usual template to be worth recommending to regular people, too.

It’s also a good reminder not to lie to your shrink.

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