Mormon dating an atheist Free open erotic chat

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Mormon dating an atheist

I also realize there are challenges ahead: our kids are still very young, and we haven’t had to deal with tough questions or conversations with them yet. But at the same time, aren’t these issues in every marriage?I have many friends who were married in the temple, but now one member has left Mormonism, or changed beliefs, or their children have struggled with faith.

Although I’ve often heard marriages like mine described as “backup” options, for me it has been a joy formed through much prayer, study, and lived experience.If we are actually invested in creating Zion on earth, why would Mormons, as a people, be so exclusive?When I first met my husband, at graduate school in England, I recognized immediately that he was a deeply good, kind, and thoughtful person.If we widen out our concept of who we are as beloved sons and daughters of God, we can expand our own capacity to understand and love each other, across otherwise narrow religious and geographic and cultural boundaries.Boundaries that are ultimately rooted in prejudicial limitations of imagination and empathy in the natural man.

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Julianne Weis grew up in a big Mormon family in Orange County, California, and now lives in Washington DC with her husband and two kids.