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Message girls to fuck free no upgradeing

By top-level, I mean packages that do NOT serve as dependencies to any other package.I thought deborphan might help, but so far it just tells me which packages DO serve as dependencies. Is it possible to have two Webpages off of the same Ip address.....two different domain domain name will only connect with one of the webpages.the other domain name will only connect to the other example when I asked if openoffice has some bug where it crashes, because it crashes for me, nobody answered; and when I asked if there was a way to set up DHCP to automatically reconfigure when connected (as the gnome applet says I"m not physically connected, then suddenly does, but I never get the address until I run dhclient manually), nobody answered Getting good answers in IRC requires three things: 1) that you've done your homework before asking; 2) that you provide as much info as possible so people can figure out what the problem is; and 3) luck.bob2: volunteers, who I don't know, and am polite to consistently feed me crap that doesn't help because they assume I can't figure out what my problem is; for example I did say that when I said "no" to the license agreement (which was obviously displayed if I said no), then future attempts to install a package would automatically fail, and purging doesn't fix the problemsynd: Reinstalling j2re1.4 fails to preconfigure because it's assuming I'm not going to accept the license; I tried apt-get remove --purge to fix this and it didn't fix it.

If they wanted to they could stop using M$ stuff, it's that simple, only through their chain of choices do they themselves make it complex and "NEED"ify it.lotusleaf: but the problem with your argument is that very few of the "needs" that we commonly talk about are actually "needs" in your sense ...

upgrdman: what happened was the road gets bumps in it from expansion; but by some freaky twist of force patterns, all of the force was concentrated on one single point, which gave; so the entire expansion along about 10 miles of road occurred at one place.thanks kevcool, odd thing is, it looks perfect in windows, but in ubuntu it looks good in some places but if i move my eyes to the left or right, it gets a tad blurry.... i hope this is fixed in breezy.bob2: Well, because when I say "no" to a question in preinst which is asked of me through debconf, the setting "no" seems to be magically remembered although the package fails in preinst and doesn't get installed I've been using the command "deborphan -az" to come up with a list of all the top-level programs in the system. Question, how does one get rid of graphic corruption using 5.04 PPC on a G3?

"a" for all packages (not just libs) and "z" to show sizes. it should only take a full day or two if I hurry.fossa: because I'm customizing the livecd. Under Gnome there are white shimmering dots all over the screen when viewing videos and under kde the dots appear where the mouse moves to and in window bars..nickrud, i would not be able to cut and paste because the system is remote and seems that the internet is down, i was just in.

I tried saying "no" to sdk after attempting a reinstall of it, then reinstalling, and it now behaves the same, thus I'm pretty certain apt is actually assuming I"m going to say no and just not asking nowtimo_: your first stop should be synaptic.

Make sure you have all the repositories selected, so that you'll have as wide a selection of officially packaged software to choose from as possible.

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