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The game is set to launch on the PS4, with it being developed by Other Ocean Interactive and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The game will be a full remake of the popular 1998 game, which released on the original Play Station.

Speaking on this week's Play Station Blogcast, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Shawn Layden revealed that more details about the remake will be announced on October 31, including a brand-new trailer.

Medi Evil is a remake of the original 3D platformer hack 'n' slash for Play Station, and sees you take on the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque, who is raised from the dead to fight for his kingdom once more.

During today’s State of Play, the company spotlighted games that it has previously announced.

Sony showed off new footage of the Medi Evil remake during today’s State of Play video stream; it was the first of two significant Play Station remakes shown, before the re-reveal of the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

For those unaware, was originally released for the PS One back in 1998 by SCE Cambridge Studio.

It played a lot like a hack and slash action-adventure game with a spooky, yet cartoonish aesthetic.

Layden explained that the upcoming Medi Evil release will be a remake rather than a remaster, much like the Crash Bandicoot N. Sir Daniel himself, the game’s main character, has a fantastic new model that still resembles the personality he has from the original title.Likely the biggest piece of information in this entire trailer though is that we finally have a release date for the title.During Play Station Experience in 2017, it was revealed that the game would be remade for PS4.A new trailer and further details of the Medi Evil remake for Play Station 4 will be released on Halloween.

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That said, I’m wondering whether or not the classic title will translate well to modern times when it comes to gameplay.

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