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nowadays, people hardly read print books, the continue popularity of electronic books(e Books), we can now read varieties of books online or download and read them and read offline.Most e Books requires one to pay certain amount of money before you’ll be granted access to download or read it online. Also these books pack a great deal of information and resources, so be sure to tell your friends, colleagues, or anyone else you think may benefit from this material.Microsoft isn’t the first time providing such massive collection. Don’t forget to check all the free e Books I previously shared.No, what induced a double-take was the name of the pirate anthology: “10,000 Sci Fi and Fantasy Ebooks.” 10,000? Not all are book length, and many, in fact, are short stories. The damned thing has evidently been kicking around for at least seven years, if perhaps not in its full 4 GB glory.Still, the majority of all book-length SF titles I’ve read in the last thirty years are in there, and so was “Borovsky’s Hollow Woman,” albeit not under my byline. This suggests that the anthology is not entirely ebook piracy but mostly print book piracy.Here in Georgia, there has been a longstanding fear held by many school librarians to take a bolder approach to weeding for a variety of reasons.In the past, accreditation standards from SACS required a certain number of books per FTE count; that rule disappeared several years ago for Georgia K12 schools.

It troubles me that so many school districts in our state say they value reading on their websites and in their professional learning events, yet they don’t give their school libraries their full allotment.

It is easy to judge libraries and librarians with larger and/or dated collections as “bad” or “ineffective.” While this judgement may be warranted in many cases, I think there are just as many instances where weeding can reveal some of the larger and powerful influences that might hinder a librarian’s effort to continually craft a relevant and meaningful collection.

Before I delve into our experiences and reflections, I’d like to offer some thoughts on how collections fall into disarray and decay.

Additionally, smaller schools were and are penalized for their size—in my first school library job, we had fewer than 400 students and in spite of receiving our state full funding, we received a very small amount (if I recall correctly, about 00) that was woefully insufficient to update a collection that included a book with the statement, “One day man will go to the moon” (true weeding story from 2001-2002).

Schools with lower enrollments rarely receive appropriate funding levels to develop print and virtual collections.

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It’s still because reading ebooks is borderline painful.

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