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Malay mak datin screwing

Just as in the language of the Malays it is possible by analysis to pick out words of Sanskrit and Arabic origin from amongst the main body of genuinely native words, so in their folklore one finds Hindu, Buddhist, and Muhammadan ideas overlying a mass of apparently original Malay notions. have been other perquisites as well as 6 Others are titah (commands) ; those mentioned, e.g. not suffered to ascend beyond the base of the chin.PREFACE xiii These various elements of their folklore are, how- ever, now so thoroughly mixed up together that it is often almost impossible to disentangle them. rhinoceros' horns patek (slave) ; mtrka or murka (wrath) ; (suml/u badak) and bezoar stones karnia or kumia (favour) ; and nlgrah \guliga). as high as your forehead, bending for- 4 Touching hands is done with both ward somewhat while doing so. If you touch hands 8 Cliff., Stud, in Brown Humanity, with a man who is somewhat your p. In saluting a real Raja, the hands are carried higher and higher, according to the prince's rank, until, for the Sultan, the tips of the thumbs are on a level with the forehead.It is not suggested that the matters dealt with in this book are ever likely to involve such serious issues ; but, speaking generally, there can be no doubt PREFACE ix that an understanding of the ideas and modes of thought of an alien people in a relatively low stage of civilisation facilitates very considerably the task of governing them ; and in the Malay Peninsula that task has now devolved mainly upon English- men.Moreover, every notion of utility implies an end to which it is to be referred, and there are other ends in life worth considering as well as those to which the "practical man" is pleased to restrict himself.

The development of the race from savagery and bar- barism up to its present condition of comparative civilisation has been modified and determined, first and most deeply by Indian, and during the last five centuries or so by Arabian influences.The Malay race, while far removed from the savage condition, has not as yet reached a very high stage of civilisation, and still retains relatively large rem- nants of this primitive order of ideas.It is true that Malay notions on these subjects are under- going a process of disintegration, the rapidity of which has been considerably increased by contact with European civilisation, but, such as they are, these ideas still form a great factor in the life of the mass of the people.It is based, sometimes, on the ground that these studies deal not with "facts," but with mere nonsensical fancies and beliefs.Now, for facts we all, of course, have the greatest respect ; but the objection appears to me to involve an unwarrantable restriction of the meaning of the word : a belief which is actually held, even a mere fancy that is entertained in the mind, has a real existence, and is a fact just as much as any other.

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When one passes from the practical to the speculative point of view, it is almost impos- sible to predict what piece of knowledge will be fruitful of results, and what will not ; prima facie, therefore, all knowledge has a claim to be con- sidered of importance from a scientific point of view, and until everything is known, nothing can safely be rejected as worthless.