Mail app updating cache directory

Posted by / 27-Nov-2020 12:16

They can see the HTTP referrer, meaning the URL of the page that requested the image.

With the referral data, marketers can see not only what client you are using (desktop app, Web, mobile, etc.) but also what folder you were viewing the e-mail in.

They've just made a competitive form of advertising much less appealing and informative to advertisers.

No doubt Google hopes this move pushes marketers to spend less on e-mail and more on Adsense.

- Categories are not able to be synced via Active Sync protocol. If the emails including categories are synced from server, Nine extracts the categories values separately and then store them in Nine DB.Read More Nine supports Autodiscover feature when setting up account.Email address and password are enough information to set up account on Nine.Ever wonder why most e-mail clients hide images by default?The reason for the "display images" button is because images in an e-mail must be loaded from a third-party server.

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For promotional e-mails and spam, usually this server is operated by the entity that sent the e-mail.