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Location based mobile dating applications

Geolocation technology has opened the doors for many new startup ideas and establishments which could never have existed without this technology.

The ability to integrate geolocation into mobile applications has brought to light new kinds of market strategies and changed the whole flow of interaction with the consumer.

Once the location is captured, services like Google Maps geolocation or Map Kit Framework are used to put it on a real map.

Therefore, Google Maps APIs for i OS and Android devices offer the performance of geolocation apps, giving you of all the information about your location, such as detailed maps, nearby places, and many other features.

To determine location with accuracy within about sixty feet, a smartphone needs data from at least four satellites. In such cases, we can use the information from cell towers.

Mobile networks help in determining which cell tower the customer uses and compares it with the base-stations database. Assisted GPS combines both GPS and Cell ID tools, which is more precise than GPS alone.

Such applications are more about a social component than geolocation.

Users share content based on their locations in applications like Facebook and Instagram.

Geofencing helps in sending offers or coupons to consumers and therefore provides a personalized experience.With Wi-Fi, we can determine the location in two different ways.The first one is RSSI (Receive a Signal Strength Indication).Wi-Fi determines the position of the user the same way the Cell ID does.Wi-Fi does it more accurately, as it covers smaller areas.

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It refers to the signals from the phone within a Wi-Fi point's database.

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