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I love the will-she or won’t-she method of jack off training.She’ll get you pumped and keep you in a prolonged state of crazy hard on lust while she does her dance, and you’ll only be let blow your load when she’s good and ready to let you. She’s that mean kind of pretty that’s frankly scary, especially once you actually meet her. She’s seeking slaves, or those with a slave temperament so she can enslave you, which is preferable for her because she’d rather break down a strong man than train a little pinko slut who’s already been broken.

Find someone you like and invite them to a private cam2cam video chat.She’s got huge boobs, a tiny waist, and a pretty face.And if her cockteasing isn’t enough to get you stroking, then her commanding nature will be. She’s on her cam giving live jack off instructions, among her many varied kinks, and she’s very good at it.She’s into cam to cam and private sessions and she’s looking for cock sucking sub losers to suck her fat silicone cock and jack off on command like a real slave. She’ll let you masturbate intermittently while she pulls out her tits but remember no cumming without approval.Two minutes of stroking vs one minute at attention while she inspects your worthless cock. After tormenting you this way and getting her amusement out of it she’ll relent and let you cum, and even on her tits if you beg properly.

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