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Every year, press releases about a new discovery or a planned excavation dig gains immense attention across the Internet.The huge amount of historical places to visit in Turkey can be credited to the fact that the country sits on the edge of ancient Mesopotamia, that is often referred to as the birthplace of civilization, so it is not a surprise that many empires have conquered, ruled, and lost their reign of the region.Browse around to search for other users who have very similar interests to you.When you find the right match for you, don't forget to send them a message to go out with them today.The mass of ancient cave churches and monasteries containing 13-century original frescoes is hard to ignore, even if you are a hardcore atheist.

I haven’t visited many other countries but I’m willing to bet that Turkey has some of the best quality ancient sites of the modern world.

If you visit Ephesus, stay overnight trip, and also take a slight detour to see the…

Anyone who knows their stuff might be surprised to see Gobeklitepe on the list, because not only it is in the southeast of Turkey where very few tourists venture but also because excavations are in the earlier stages and historians are still deciphering the artefacts and ancient structures.

The Temple of Apollo sits in the current holiday resort of Altinkum and as a former pagan worshipping Oracle structure, had construction been completed, historians say the temple would have rivaled Delphi.

Further inland, the ruins of Priene city, felt remarkably spooky, and I don’t believe in ghosts.

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The list of goes on and on and a walk around this district is one of the most popular guided tours of Istanbul.

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