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Find thus an opportunity that you buy the two [–] arouras.“But send me the fish liver sauce too, whichever you think is good.

Our lady mother is well and salutes you as well as your wives and sweetest children and our brothers and all our people.

The newly discovered letter sheds new light on how early Christians lived on a day-to-day basis and is 50 years older than any other Christian documentary.

It is written by a man named “Arrianus” and dates back to around 230AD.

123 Old Road Newtown London SW1 3AA Your return address should be right-justified.

Directly beneath this, the date on which the letter was written: 15th May 2008 In the UK, the day comes before the month, and it is fine to put “st”, “nd” or “th” after the day’s date, eg. You can position the date on the right or on the left of your letter.

Sabine Huebner, professor of ancient history at the University of Basel, said: The earliest Christians in the Roman Empire are usually portrayed as eccentrics who withdrew from the world and were threatened by persecution.

This is countered by the contents of the Basel papyrus letter.“The use of this abbreviation – known as a nomen sacrum in this context – leaves no doubt about the Christian beliefs of the letter writer.“It is an exclusively Christian formula that we are familiar with from New Testament manuscripts.”Prof Haubner added that Paulus “was an extremely rare name at that time” which indicated the “parents mentioned in the letter were Christians” and “named their son after the apostle as early as 200 AD.”.

The same principle was applied to the numerals indicating dates 1711 to 1719.

For example, "ΨBI" indicates "712", but should be inscribed "AΨBI" basically meaning the same year - 1712.

Numeral Ψ must be on all wire silver kopecks of the period. ROUND SILVER and COPPER COINS: As the numeral dates are almost always present on the round silver and copper coins of the period, it is much easier to identify each Cyrillic letter in any given numeral.

Exceptional are the mixed numerals (letter number) on some polushkas of 17: "17K" = "1720", "17K1" = "1721".

I covered writing US business letters, but I know we have a number of readers in the United Kingdom too – or readers who might want to write to companies within the UK.

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I’ll just be covering the formatting here rather than explaining again In the UK, a standard business letter looks like this: Just as with the US examples, I’ll break the letter down into the main elements, working from the top to the bottom.