Leo male dating amorb dating

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There is a gambler streak in almost every Leo male and he will have to learn to keep it under limits. In this area also, they demand respect and it is again your duty to ensure that the kids do not forget their manners.

He is very good at repairing things around the house and this part of his characteristics profile may come quite handy to you. Always remember that a Leo guy secretly fears being ridiculed and his pride is just a veil for his fears.

Just remember to respect him and he will be generous in all respects - love, money, care and everything you want.

A Leo man is not one of those who forget to say 'I Love You' till the next anniversary.

His personality traits include generous doses of chivalry, courtesy, gallantry, care and warmth.

He needs the constant love and attention given by a lover. You will be showered with roses, given gifts every now and then, taken to the best restaurants and be loaded with love letters, sprayed with sensual perfume.A relationship between a Leo man and a Pisces woman brings together two individuals who are both quite needy in their own ways.The question is whether each can provide what the other seeks or whether this fire/water combination will evaporate away into vapor and nothingness.He is not the one to waste his charm in empty air; there will always be an audience admiring him.This is the key to a lion's heart - attention, appreciation and flattery.

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You will be showered with attention and compliments every now and then.