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Law on dating minors in maryland

The general rule is that the age at which a young person can legally consent to engage in vaginal intercourse, sexual contact, or a sexual act with another person is 16 years.There is an exception to this rule if the older participant (usually the man) is less than four years older than the girl.The real problem for my client was not the threat of incarceration as I knew that State was unlikely to seek it in this case.It was equally unlikely that any judge would incarcerate him given his good faith attempt to ascertain her age as well as the fact that he was only 41/2 years older than she was.The intention was to get intoxicated and hopefully “hook up” with some girls – certainly not an unusual practice for 19 year olds.

My client and the girl then engaged in consensual sexual intercourse.

He father went to the hotel and called the police, who knocked on the door.

My client answered the door half asleep in his boxers.

My client and the girl had both consumed alcohol but neither were drunk and the State did allege that she was incapacitated when the sexual conduct occurred.

The girl had advised my client that she was 18 from when he first met her and by her appearance, she could easily pass for that age.

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The problem was having a conviction for a fourth degree sex offense and the possibility that the judge might require him register as a sex offender, which is within the court’s discretion on convictions for fourth degree sex offense (sex offender registration is mandatory for all other sex offenses).

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