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Glass bangles and molds dating to the later Iron Age were also recovered.

Finds from this same period included iron tools such as pestles, chisels, sickles, nails, axes, daggers, and knives, as well as bangles, rings, and blades made of copper.

“The archaeology is extremely vulnerable to the changes in sea level due to climate change and what we are also seeing is the effect of every tide,” Dockrill said.

“Every tide is acting like a vacuum and, as it goes out, it takes material away.” Dockrill said the village may have been surrounded by a ditch and centered around a roundhouse, currently under excavation, that would have been closer to the sea.

Named MRD after Miro Dora, the site where it was found, this individual probably had a brain about the size of that of a chimpanzee, jutting cheekbones, elongated canine teeth, and oval-shaped earholes.Underwater archaeologist Marc-André Bernier said silt covering furniture in the captain’s cabin may have preserved documents that could help researchers finally determine what happened to the crew of the Franklin Expedition.For more, go to "Discovering Terror." report, Francisco Garrido and Catalina Morales of Chile’s National Museum of Natural History suggest the conquerors of the expanding Inca Empire may have displayed human heads at the remote village of Iglesia Colorada as part of an ideological effort to quell social unrest among resistant villagers.“It doesn’t seem that the Incas targeted the leaders [of the village],” Garrido said, but this act may have been intended to demonstrate the power of the Inca Empire.To read about Aztec display of human heads as a show of power, go to "A Circle of Skulls".

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Nihildas said the site provides the first evidence for occupation of the region in the early Iron Age.