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Kudrow dating

Despite being admired for the way she looked, Kudrow said it took a toll on her.

“When I was too thin I was sick all the time, a cold, sinus infection, I was always sick.”Over time, Kudrow says she's developed a healthier relationship with her body and is embracing aging with a positive outlook.

He’s the one who convinced Kudrow to join the Groundlings.

"I might not like myself [on the show], so I'd rather not risk that."That doesn't mean the 55-year-old actress didn't look back affectionately at the show, which first premiered on Sept. She recently appeared alongside Courteney Cox on "Ellen" when the TV host re-created the show's beloved coffee shop setting, Central Perk, for an Instagram stunt in January.

And Kudrow is open to a reunion, if her former co-star and pal Jennifer Aniston is to be believed."Listen, the girls always say we would love to do it again, and the boys are a little less excited about it for some reason, I don’t know," Aniston told James Corden in December.

“Unfortunately for a woman, if you’re underweight, you look good,” the “Booksmart” star said.

“When I was too thin I was sick all the time, a cold, sinus infection, I was always sick.” Nowadays, Kudrow says she still battles with body image but has learned to accept that physical changes come with aging. You’re older that’s a good thing, why is that a bad thing?

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And in real life, actress Lisa Kudrow has always possessed an ebullient optimism and sense of humor not unlike that of her famous character.

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