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from 17th century rubrics building to the 21st century Georges Quay complex as a modern structure).

2019-07-20 - https://- synthetic video drone UAV aerial deep learning depth semantic segmentation stereo normals groundtruth multi-sensor odometry SLAM localization Mid-Air, The Montefiore Institute Dataset of Aerial Images and Records, is a multi-purpose synthetic dataset for low altitude drone flights.

A test set for benchmarking this particular criteria is proposed alongside the training data.

However, the actual focused area was around 2 km^2 which contains the most densest Li DAR point cloud and imagery dataset.Plus, this is open for crowd editing (if you pass the ultimate turing test)! yacvid [at] hayko [dot] at Content, Design and Idea © by Hayko Riemenschneider, 2011-2018. 2d 3d 4d aachen abdomen abrupt accelerometer accident accuracy action activity actor address adhead adjustment adult aerial aesthetics affordance age aircraft airplane airport alignment amazon ambiguous analysis anger animal animation annotation anomaly apartment api apparel appearance applelogo architecture articulation artificial aspect asset association atmospheric attention attribute attributes australia authentication automatic automotive autonomous avoid axis babyface background balance bark based baseline behavior belgium benchmark benchmarking berlin bike bilateral bim binary biology biometric biometry blender blur boat body bone bottle boundingbox brain brand bremen buffy building bullseye bundle bunny byu cad calibration california caltech camera canada caption capture car cardinal categorization category cats cbir cctv celebrity cell centered ceramics chair challenge change chemistry chest chicaco chromaticity church circle city cityscapes classification clinical clothing cloud clustering clutter cnn co-localization co-saliency co-segmentation co-skeletonization coco code codebook coffee collaboration collaborative color community comparison computer condition constancy context contour cooking copyright counting cover cow crepe crf crop cross-view crowd ct cutting daily dance dark data dataset day daylight decomposition deep defocus deformation denoising dense depth description descriptor detail detection dichromatic disease disgust disparity dna dogs domain dped driving drone dublin dubrovnik duplicate dynamic ear edge egocentric ellipse emotion empty endtoend enhancement environment estimation evaluation event exhibit expertise expression eye facade face facial fake family fashion fear feature female field fine-grained fingerprint fingertip first-person fish fisheye fitting flickr flight floorplan flow fly flying fog food foot footprint forecasting foreground forensics fov frames88 frontview fundus gait game gan gaze gender genetic genome geography geometry geoscience geotag germany gesture getry gif giraffe gis glassware global google gps grammar graphics grayscale graz ground grounding groundtruth group growth gsd hand handwritten hd head heart heat hierarchy high-definition high-resolution highlight highway historical holes horse hospital house howto human identification illumination illusion image imagenet images imdb imu indigenous indoor inertial initialization inserts instance instance-level intake intensity interaction interactive interest internet invariance ir isar iso joy kaggle kernels keyframe keypoint kimia kinect kinship kitchen kitti label labeling laboratory land landmark lane language large large-scale laser lattice layout leaf learning letter leuven lidar lifespan light lightfield lighting limited line link lip lisbon liver local localization location logo low-light lowlevel machine makeup manhattan map maritime mask match matching material medial medical medicine memorability mesh metadata milling mirror mobile mocap model modeling monitoring mono montage motion motorbike mouse mouth movement movie mpeg mser mug multi-agent multi-camera multi-class multi-human multi-mode multi-sensor multi-spectral multilabel multimedia multimodal multiple multispectral multitarget multiview museum naming natural nature navigation netherlands network neutral newyork night nir noise normal nude number object occlusion ocr odometry omnidirection omnidirectional online open-view operation optical optimization organ original osnabrueck outdoor overhead overlap oxford paintings pair pairwise pan panchromatic panorama panoramio parallel paris parsing part partial pasadena pascal patch path pattern pedestrian people person perspective phase photo photo-realistic photogrammetry photograph phrase physics pittsburgh pixel-level place plane planning plant point pointcloud polygon popularity pornography pose potsdam presentation pressure primitive privacy procedural product profile project proposal pruning ptz quality question radar random rank ranking ransac rate ratio re-identification reading real real-world realism recipe recognition reconstruction rectification rectified reflection registration regression regular relationship remote removal render rendering repetition resolution restoration retina retinal retrieval rgb rgbd road robot robotic robust rome room ros rotation sad saliency sampling sanfrancisco satellite scale scan scanner scene sculpture search segmentation selfdriving semantic sense sensing sequence series sfm shadow shape sheffield shoe shots shutter sideview sign similarity simulation simultaneous single singleview size skeleton skeletonization sketch skin sky slam smartphone soccer social software source space spain spanish speaker speech speed sphere sport stability stabilization static stationary steganalysis steganography stem stereo stochastic street structure structured study stuff style stylization subpixel subtraction summarization summary superpixel superresolution supervised supervisely surface surgery surprise surveillance surveying.Texts and Images are subject of copyright by the respective authors. If you're reading this, why not help and update the description of the dataset you're working on? swan switzerland sydney symmetry synthetic table target task taxonomy temporal text textile texture texture-less therapy thermal things time time-lapse tiny tokyo tool top-view topcoder tracking tracklet traffic trajectory transfer transportation tree triangulation trunk truth tuberculosis turbulence type uas uav udacity ultrasound understanding uneven unmanned unsupervised urban use user vanishing variation vegetation vehicle velodyne vessel video view viewpoint virtual visible vision visual voc volleyball vqa vt water wavelength weakly wear wearable weather webcam white wide wiki wikipedia wild woman workflow world worldwide xray year youtube zoom zurich «showing 697 tags of 697 total tags for 503 datasets (1.39) » 2019-07-30 - - LIDAR Urban Modelling Group at University College Dublin (UCD) captured major area of Dublin city centre (i.e.The selected area is within the most densely sampled part of the point cloud (i.e.250 to 348 points/m^2) with full coverage by aerial images. inside the red boxes) includes diverse types of historic and modern urban elements.

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Records were captured by manually flying the drone in a virtual environment thanks to an RC controller connected to the computer.

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