K9 cam show

Posted by / 24-Nov-2020 14:02

Cicco didn’t get out of way fast enough,” Benyo said.The lawyer said his client’s fears of police brutality, “Turned out to be pretty accurate with having the fear.” According to WPXI, Cicco is asking for 5,000 plus attorney fees.

However, that was not seen in the video, nor was in possession of a taser.

Part of the attack happened after he was placed in handcuffs as well.

Cicco told his lawyers he has been harassed by police in the past, so when Beaver Police Officer Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems attempted to pull over Cicco for a traffic violation in August of 2016, the man decided the best place to pull over would be at his home.

The officer can be seen placing Cicco in a painful wrist-lock which has the potential to break the man’s wrist.

The patrolman then began cranking his arm behind his back, another move intended to either break the man’s arm or dislocate his shoulder.

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He opened up Cicco’s car door and then began to attempt to extricate the man from his small SUV.