Julie delpy dating

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Julie delpy dating

Julie Delpy has many funny lines in the new film “Before Midnight,” but the funniest one — in which she mockingly runs through her boyfriend’s lackluster sexual routine, a line that starts with “Kissy, kissy” and ends with the sound of snoring and is otherwise far too graphic to repeat here — is delivered with such vigorous crudeness that I couldn’t resist asking her to recite it for me in person. ”“Before Midnight” is the third film in a trilogy directed by Richard Linklater, which began with “Before Sunrise” in 1995.

They’re acting, and it’s the most difficult thing an actor can do, to appear so natural.”Still, Delpy and Celine share certain qualities — a raunchy sense of humor, a rather prim way of dressing (call it Bohemian schoolteacher), an unyielding feminism and fierce advocacy for their beliefs — that can be exhilarating or alienating, depending on your point of view.

We've already talked a bit about the film and Linklater's approach to independent film financing, but here's something a little different: Alamo Drafthouse theaters, known for their love of movies and clever PSAs, have shot a brand new one that is set to play during the run of .

You're going to piss off Julie Delpy, and Ethan Hawke won't be able to impress us with his knowledge.

Luckily for Delpy, though, her own relationship with her real-life son isn't nearly as chaotic.

But maybe that's because he's a 6-year-old atheist.

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(Delpy and Hawke got no screenwriting credit, which still irks her.) In “Before Sunrise,” the action begins on a train, where Jesse picks up Celine, then follows the couple through a night in Vienna, as they walk and talk and fall in love.

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