Jolie interview dating colin

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Jolie interview dating colin

It was a family affair last night for #Angelina Jolie and her four youngest kids all smiling on the red carpet for the premiere of #Dumbo.This report was backed up by the fact that, last month, Angelina Jolie took her children to a premiere of alongside each other and were thought to have been hooking up at that time."Angelina Jolie 'Desperately Wanted' Colin Farrell, Wound Up 'Settling' For Brad Pitt?!

However, this February they received court approval to continue negotiating the terms of the divorce.

The outlet concludes its error-riddled story by quoting Jolie’s supposed “friend” as contending how now that her custody battle with Brad Pitt is winding down, she’s excited about “finding someone new.” “She’s finally ready for a fresh start,” adds the magazine’s purported source.

There’s one slight problem with the tabloid’s tale: It’s all predicated on a phony claim from more than half a decade ago.

The Hollywood couple then released a joint statement where they stated they'd agreed to settle their divorce in private.

In February 2017, Angelina spoke out about the divorce for the first time saying "we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it”.

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A report in OK magazine suggests that Jolie’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, is upset with Farrell (his friend) for dating her.

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