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The government of Malta’s cheap sale has invited controvery and there are fears that the European debt crisis will cause more EU member states to follow in Malta’s footsteps, with prices being slashed even more.’China Radio Network/SD Ifeng: ‘Voice of China reports that because of the financial crisis, European countries have entered into a price war to sell nationality.

It reports that following Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus, Malta is now selling its nationality for 650,000 euros to non-EU nationals.’Hexun News/China: ‘Malta has begun to sell its nationality – for 650,000 euros you can buy EU citizenship.’ And the lead-in: ‘Malta’s citizenship law has been signed by the president, but it has sparked much controversy at home and abroad.

Fair enough; but don’t play the card of nationalism and national pride that spurs xenophobic policies, when you deny asylum to those who are really in need – as in the case of Syrians – and meanwhile you decide to give away passports or residency permits only on the basis of economic criteria, regardless of the candidate’s nationality.

Come on.’Die Welt/Germany: ‘Rich foreigners from outside the EU will be able to buy citizenship of Malta for 650,000 euros after the president of that country signed a law to this effect.

Malta Government indicated that, with the passport, you can swim in the EU 28 countries.”Corriere della Sera/Italy: ‘Malta, citizenship on sale for 650,000 euros.

Now, Tinder has introduced the next evolution in app-based dating. There are already multiple apps to let you meet friends/dates/creeps one on one.

Unveiled in July, Tinder Social allows you to make a temporary group from your Facebook friends who have also signed up, then achieve “ultimate squad goals” for one night only. With up to three other Tinder users, you choose between about 27 taglines, such as “surf’s up” (in the Midwest? We wanted to put Tinder’s shiny new group feature to the test. Entering bro ­central at Sneaky Pete’s “This is the Midwestern lumbersexual Jersey Shore,” Natalie says.

Spouses and children will also be able to obtain passports for 25,000 euros each.’Guardian Express/Las Vegas: “If you have ever wanted to be a citizen of the great nation of Malta and obtain European citizenship, now is your time.

While the paperwork and waiting time has been greatly reduced, you still need to have more than a few Euro to spare.

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Its leader Busuttil said the Nationalists “will consider initiating a referendum to repeal the bill,” and said once in office will immediately revoke the ruling amendment.’Novilist/Hungary: ‘Malta sells citizenship for 650,000 euros – given that Malta is in the Schengen area and has visa-free travel to the United States for up to 90 days, this offer will be tempting to many’TV2/Denmark: Headline says ‘Offers for the rich – buy citizenship of EU member state.

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