Jaleel white dating now

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The author of this fictional news report was perhaps inspired by these earlier rumours.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) filmography for Jaleel White records that he has appeared in several productions during 2006, including TV drama “24”.

You can't really say the name Jaleel White without thinking about his character, Steve Urkell's catch phrase: "Did I do that??

" It was often the question he'd ask when he knew he did something wrong, and didn't want to get in trouble.

“We feel privileged to have known him and worked with him.

He’ll be missed and remembered every day by his many, many friends,” they said.

Like others of its kind, the message is disguised as an apparently legitimate news article attributed to the Associated Press( AP) news service.

However searches of the AP website reveal no record of such an article.

If White had really committed suicide then there would certainly be legitimate news reports about his death in a variety of media.However, there are no genuine news reports confirming the story.The only news references to the actors’ death are those debunking the story as a hoax.tackled hard issues like racism, peer pressure, gang violence, and even politics – while promoting the importance of unity among Black families and of course, family values.Whenever things got too serious, we’d see the inevitable interruption and arrival of their uber-nerd neighbor, Steve Urkell.

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Actress Kellie Williams — Laura Winslow on the series — described White as a consummate professional actor. “We have all lost a dear, dear brother,” said Reginald Vel Johnson, who played Carl Winslow.