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Such a person will disqualify what they are trying to get across just in case it is unacceptable to others.

If it is, then they can claim that they were merely misunderstood.

They accomplish this through wide range of deviant communicational phenomena “…such as self-contradictions, inconsistencies, subject switches, tangentializations, incomplete sentences, misunderstandings, obscure style or mannerisms of speech, the literal interpretation of metaphor and the metaphorical interpretation of literal remarks, etc." (p. They thought problematic behavior resulted from an unresolved conflict within the individual between two opposite courses of action.

Now the analysts assumed that the conflict was between biological impulses like sex and aggression and a person's internalized value system, otherwise known as his or her conscience.

The “obsession” with the daughter had a very hidden component that my patient would have absolutely no way of knowing about. One of the main things I have learned over the years in dealing with dysfunctional families is that, when parents do the same thing over and over again in a compulsive manner, their children come to the conclusion that the parents need to keep doing whatever that is.

As I described in my post on the family dynamics of borderline personality disorder, “Invalidating someone else is not merely disagreeing with something that the other person said.In fact, I realized that my patient had been very good at getting me to sound just like her mother. They had had the exact same conversation over and over again. The mother’s comments in that context no longer sounded like appropriate concern but more like the mother’s obsession with her daughter and a compulsion to lecture the girl repeating the same things - constantly.That ties into the second point of this post, but more about that in a minute.I’m doing great.” She said this while she was in the process of cutting herself deeply near her carotid artery, which of course could kill her. Also, during this process, the daughter was also completely invalidating her mother’s expressed concerns about her well being.What are you supposed to say when someone insists there is no problem when there is a huge problem overshadowing everything? In the families of patients with borderline personality disorder, children eventually learn to give out every bit as much as they get.

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One patient, one of the worst self-cutters I have ever treated, used to have phone conversations with her mother nearly every day that lasted for hours and hours.

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