Invalidating query cache entries key Sexhookups windsor ontario

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For this it is recommended to add the Cachable trait to a base model, then set the cache key prefix config value there. In some instances, you may want to add a cache invalidation cool-down period.

This is especially important for multi-tenant applications, and of course any application using multiple database connections.If you control how products are added/changed you could modify that process to expire the cache, this is a better solution than polling but may limit the usefulness of caching if product updates are too frequent.This is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible by the support of the community.You could also trigger this after making updates to the database from sources outside your Laravel app. All model queries and relationships are now cached!In testing this has optimized performance on some pages up to 900%!

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Stale/potentially stale results are a drawback to caching, this is mitigated by choosing proper times to expire the cache either on a set or rolling schedule.

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