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Posted by / 23-Feb-2020 13:34

When it comes to single people looking for romantic partners, the online dating technology is only a good thing, in my view.

It seems to me that it's a basic human need to find someone else to partner with and if technology is helping that, then it's doing something useful.

It is generating interaction between people that we otherwise wouldn't have.

People who have in the past had trouble finding a potential partner benefit the most from the broader choice set provided by the dating apps.

Rosenfeld has studied mating and dating as well as the internet's effect on society for two decades.

Does your finding indicate that people are increasingly less social? If we spend more time online, it does not mean we are less social.There had been a trickle of online dating in the old text-based bulletin board systems prior to 1995, but the graphical web put pictures and search at the forefront of the internet.Pictures and search appear to have added a lot to the internet dating experience.The second core innovation is the spectacular rise of the smart phone in the 2010s.The rise of the smart phone took internet dating off the desktop and put it in everyone's pocket, all the time.

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In addition, in our study we found that the success of a relationship did not depend on whether the people met online or not.