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Illicit encounters dating agency

When I looked in his sent mail box I found seven emails to women with his photo attached, also one had a lettersaying how he enjoyed chatting to her and that he thought they would clickemotionally and phyisically, he didnt want a one night stand and maybe they could meet for a date and maybe more.

If he admitted it from start would not be so bad..the denial what else does he lie about?I dont know how we can go forward all the time he denies and denies.Last night he threatened to cancel our holiday the dcs are looking forward to at halfterm as I would just keep on at him while there.Unless you want to spend the rest of your life with a cruel, dishonest, unfaithful man, you are probably going to have to think about leaving him permanently in the near future. Hackers really love to target the computers of married men and then write long personal e-mails to other women telling them all about the kind of relationship they'd like to have.Then they sometimes even kidnap the man at times so it appears that he has actually been off shagging women. phantomcat so sorry to hear of your situation how awful if he says his computer has been hacked I would print it all off and his bank statement if he still denies it was front of him call the police to come to the house to report fraud and stealing from your dh bank is true what he says then he will not mind 100% reporting it to the police and if caught out not only will he get caution or worse from police but you then have evidence!

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Illicit Encounters I have used the club Married Dating for 5 months and I have met 4 ladies.