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How to be a bitch and book dating

The concept of being in dating is one that has faced a lot of controversy over the years. When we claim that someone is nice, it doesn’t translate to kind or generous, it often means they’re weak, and reserved.It’s been my experience that women are in a different way than men. In both cases the actions of the nice person are transactional.She should be thankful you just caught a rat for her, if it wasn't you, it would've been someone else and she may have never found out. A lot of people may not like this because it will bring their failings to light, but you don't're just being true to yourself.What's the point in making a statement or having peoples eyes on you if you don't capture them completely!This book reinforces the importance of putting your self-esteem above all else.You always hear that girls love the bad guys or that nice guys finish last, well the same can be said on the flip side. For some reason we tend to be drawn to bitches, whether it's how they carry themselves or their ability to embrace their brazen side in getting what they want, the nice girls just sometimes aren't enough.For men it's all about the chase and whether the bitch is actually interested in you or not she provides that chase. Just straight up have no time for anything unless it suits your agenda.

In fact, most women wish they didn’t have to feel so guilty all of the time just for standing up for themselves.When you start dating someone, take their behavior at face value because that’s how they’re taking yours.In fact, a man is judging everything you say and do as an indication of how much you value yourself.When you are anxious about where the relationship is going it’s because you’re living in a scarcity mindset.You’re experiencing a feeling that comes from a painful past experience and you’re showing low value behavior.

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Your tone will be detrimental to this, so keep it condescending.