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High schools mandating community service for graduation

A bill in the New Jersey Legislature would require high school seniors to complete 15 hours of service.

However, opponents of this type of requirement have gone so far as to file a lawsuit claiming it violates the 13th Amendment, which bans involuntary servitude, and the First Amendment, because it forces the students into symbolic speech and imposes values.

The Controversy in Maryland Maryland schools have offered community service as an elective course since 1985, but last summer Maryland became the first state to make it a high school graduation requirement, prompting the joke: "What do criminals and Maryland high school seniors have in common?

" Answer: "They both get out by doing community service." Despite opposition from 22 of the state's 24 school systems, the Maryland State Board of Education created the new graduation requirement--75 hours of volunteer work over a seven-year period.

How are America's public schools really doing, and how do we know?

The high school graduation rate is in a constant state of change and dropout rates affect more than the individual student.

As CNCS further articulates, “Service-learning is a method of teaching and learning that connects classroom lessons with meaningful service to the community.

Students build academic skills while strengthening communities through service.” According to CNCS, benefits of service learning include enhanced academic achievement, boosted student engagement and concentration, and improved civic skills.

Schools implementing this volunteer mandate are confident that students will benefit for both the short and long term.To find out more, check your child’s school website or be sure to attend your school’s PTSA meetings to learn about the latest updates and mandates.Although the service requirements in most areas are relatively new, many school leaders are considering implementing this change in the coming years.Adding to these personal benefits for each student, this movement can also help lead to an overall stronger community.If your teenager is in his or her junior or senior year of high school, then it is critical to know if community service is required in order to graduate.

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Biology, algebra, English, and history classes may no longer be sufficient for your child to graduate.

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