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A beautiful nature-inspired tattoo would be just perfect.

Now she's building up a new tattoo shop and makeover salon for those brave fashionistas who don't wa...; This clever young anime lover hangs out with her other manga buddies at the comic book store and as a budding artist, the other Kawaii girls are more than willing to stand as models for this chic p...; She's a roller rink starlet at the derby, and now she wants to get a fun tattoo to really bind herself to her team.

Create the p...; Elsa always wants to do everything her way and now she found a new way to show it. She believes that your salon is the safest place to do it, so don't ...; Today is Zoe's eighteenth birthday, and she's decided she wants to celebrate her young adulthood by getting a stylish tattoo.

Tattoos are permanent, so Zoe has thought long and hard about what she...; After she gets done putting up new tags and new art on the side of a warehouse, she loves to end the day with a new tattoo, snake bite piercing, or totally new hair style!

Her coach told her that the best way for her to jump into their trust is by show...; You have to make a tattoo for Jessy.

She knows what she likes, but she doesn't know what kind of tattoo to get!

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Dance to the beat under the flashing lights with your sparkling henna tattoos and super highlights t...; Prove your inked up tattoo skills and make your tattoo shop customers happy with a design made just for them!

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