Hayami mokomichi dating

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Hayami mokomichi dating

She told me,"Wow you're so tall." And we hit it off after that," Mokomichi said, surprised himself at how well they got along. The first time I heard of it was "You're playing a robot-type of lover." Honestly, I was surprised (*laugh*) But when I read the original work, it was really interesting.

I'm looking forward to portraying that image while the drama, up to now, is different from it.

Regarding the movement, it's not really unnatural and it looks like I can move around more smoothly. He demonstrates superhuman ability and his thoughts and speech are a little off.

How to show those robot-like parts, I think I'll have a feel for it during filming itself.

This looks like it will turn out to be something new, so please watch it with anticipation !

There was once when the pair was with another girl, but the way they were behaving around each other seemed to hint at a deeper relation between the two.

I would want anyone to look at me and think that way (*laugh*) At first, there were so many aspects lacking in him, but as he slowly grows up, I'll be happy if people started to think "It'll be great if such a robot can appear na." I'll work hard to be the Night than can tickle a woman's fancy !

For me, it's enough that she puts in the utmost effort in whatever she does.

Actor Hayami Mokomichi (24), who plays the lead role in the drama Oh!

My Girl (Nihon TV, starting on the 14th) attended its press conference in Tokyo on the 6th of October. "I don't know if it's my strong point or not, but I like children.

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I think I will fully enjoy depicting a 'growing' robot who changes from his original configuration.

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