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Hal sparks dating stephanie miller

I really enjoy him as a commentator and comedian, too. At the time, the representation of gay people on TV was so sparse that friends of mine praised it and had viewing parties to watch it.

(One of the best parts of those VH1 "I Love The..." series) Just stating my opinion. I thought it was a vapid, silly show full of the sound and fury, but signifying nothing. The characters were not cool enough to be New Yorkers -- less sophisticated gays.

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I'm doing my first ever run through of Queer As Folk, and am dumbfounded by the piss poor acting abilities of the "central" character. Sparks actually seemed believable playing a gay man, albeit a more accurately a manboy. As neither could sing, both have fallen off the map these days.

I just started season 5 and you'd think he'd have even marginally improved, but nope. I would say that goes double for Scott Lowell, who couldn’t have been more charming and painfully-real as Ted despite being the epitome of straight normy in real life. And yes, the British original drama series is superior by far. I bought Sparks Charmageddon on DVD and I like pretty much all of his stand up routine. Disney kids either become pop stars or bust (generally speaking anyways..).

I generally fast-forwarded their scenes- Michael- Ted- Vic- Justin- Emmett- Ben- Brian- Debbie (controversial, probably, but there you go)When I first found DL, threads about Gale Harold were pretty much a constant feature of DL. There was a recent thread about how wealthy are working actors and when have they “made it” or make ends meet something to that effect.It's not surprising they all fell back into obscurity after the show. Gale was pretty no doubt but not believable as a lead gay man. He just came off as mentally challenged rather than naive. The show was notable for rather sexy muscle teens (at least towards the end of the series) Spencer Boldman and Billy Unger.Through them I learned that there is still an army of frauen who are obsessed with the US version of this show, stalking the seemingly shy and private Harold endlessly online and via various FB groups and fan boards. When he was on Talk Soup I was sure he was gay, and he had the cutest twink face. A person like Hal Sparks is someone who I wouldn’t know how he pays the bills in an expensive city like LA.When he was cast on Queer as Folk I was not a bit surprised (since I thought he was gay, or at least bi). I wouldn’t think he’d have become rich off of Talk Soup 20 years ago or on an ensemble cable show like QAF. He was on her show constantly, and then abruptly cut ties.

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dated Nelson, and was even caught in a love triangle when she couldn’t choose between him and a rock guitarist named Viper, in Season 8 of the original series.