Garmin keeps updating traffic receiver

Posted by / 11-Nov-2020 11:43

Garmin keeps updating traffic receiver

I'm assuming if you disable traffic it disables all of it (not just the cable reception) so that's not an answer.Do any of your friends or family have a Garmin with the same model cable? If the problem goes away, then the cable is not supplying enough voltage or amperage.

The box says free lifetime map updates and traffic.Pretty sure they'd tell me "tough luck" unless I paid to fix it. Unit I think had 8.50 on it before without any issues so I can't see what changed all of a sudden.Worst part, even if it were the cable, those are like -85 each...would be better off buying another refurb unit for a little more money if it turned out the cable was bad. I did forget to mention also that it complains (about no traffic) if you try to power the unit through a normal mini USB cable (but I guess that's to be expected).Try this: Turn off the 2699 by using the Power Button (not by disconnecting power). Even the above steps fail for me sometimes, but I haven't seen the message in a long time.If the socket for the 2699 is "Switched" then maybe all you will have to do is unplug the cord before turning the car on and plug it in after it is running.

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The GPS and power cable should be installed in another car and see if the problem goes away.

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