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Later when I heard about the Superbolt I started researching the pedal on forums for peoples opinions on it’s sound, build quality, etc.

What I found was rant after rant reciting the charges above.

So here is the result of my journey: THE PEOPLE VS JHS PEDALS: THE DEFENDANT Josh Scott, founder and owner of JHS pedals.long story on the name ) THE CHARGES The Charges are that Josh Scott and JHS Pedals stole designs from other builders and charge more for their stolen work then the original products cost, thus ripping off both consumer and builder.That JHS makes substandard, poor quality gear that (once again) they charge more money for than they should.It’s about accusations that have been made on guitar & gear forums and blogs all across the internet, and my personal journey trying understanding the sometimes shady world that is the guitar industry.Disclaimer: If you read this post (and you may not want to…

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I joined forums that I wouldn’t have otherwise because I wanted to read and see evidence on threads that were linked to by bloggers and posters, but were behind membership walls.

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