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Unless I just want to search for users that I can't talk to?! I hung in there for WAY too long & I'm now done for good.

Lol And see a bunch of unread messages from gold members flooding my inbox! Its not worth ,your time or your money, TROUBLE WITH A CAPITAL. Bots, fake profiles, and technical issues with their instant messages, and email.

Complaints are responded with standard templates, profiles reported with evidently wrong gender and documented fake pictures from other sites are not taken action upon, and repeated multiple profiles of "gold" users are tolerated and not investigated even when clear evidendence is given.

Users that continously report such cases are blocked.

Yes - action is taken on "light" cases but not on the really relevant ones that scam dozens or hundreds of users.

With decent common sense on these points, you will find more "real" contacts than anywhere else - but that's about it.

I called customer service twice on the issue, both times the reps could BARELY speak English, had absolutely NO customer service skills or knowledge about the site. OH & NO APOLOGY OF COURSE for my MAJOR inconvenience & their seriously f*cked up site, just awkward, dead silence & scripted responses. You cant even contact users and this is after you pay.

You'll be bombarded by fake profiles of gorgeous women who only have one well-lit photo of themselves "flirting" with you, and then will try to con you out of your email address.

It's outdated, very "buggy", the IM feature doesnt work well, the live webcamming has been taken over by women who want to be paid, i.e.

no different than Chaturbate, etc - and the absurd "new features" such as "Buzzmode" don't even make sense.

So who does that leave for a comfortably average or above average dude in most respects?

82% Nigerian (or thereabouts) scammers posing as 27-35 yr.

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So why in hell would any such woman go through the hassle of registering and paying for such a site as AFF???

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