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The term Amish was first used as a Schandename (a term of disgrace) in 1710 by opponents of Jakob Amman.

The first informal division between Swiss Brethren was recorded in the 17th century between Oberländers (those living in the hills) and Emmentaler (those living in the Emmental valley).

When people refer to the Amish today, normally this refers to the Old Order Amish.

It is a requirement for marriage within the Amish church.The Amish are known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology.The history of the Amish church began with a schism in Switzerland within a group of Swiss and Alsatian Anabaptists in 1693 led by Jakob Ammann.Education becomes her priority as she finds her place in this "English" world.This true story is a rare glimpse into the life of a brave young woman.

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Until the children turn 16, they have vocational training under the tutelage of their parents, community, and the school teacher.

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